by NetMediaCom

We start this article by giving a description of the art and the profile of a trustable media consultant. It is a person with a moral record based on ethic and professional deontology and providing expert, uninterested advice as a result of seniority resulting from years of experience in the specific field of Media and Public Relations.

The position of an expert professional media consultant can only be reached through years of experience, which follows a sound technical education, and few selected people know exactly the precise role of these professionals.

A client can only obtain experience in the field of Media and Public Relations after years of hard work, but sometimes there is an immediate need to solve a problem and this is one of the advantages of a media consultant that can step in and very often can spot the cause of a problem and can find and specify immediate and correct solutions. Time saved solving the problem ensures a quick return to production and to quality output. This is a major contributor to productivity, which is the most vital factor keeping down the risks of decreasing profitability.

The media consultant can also supply two other services, which are sometimes required by businesses. These are proposals for training programs and for their successful execution and secondly, in the developing markets, to assist in the design of a new communication plan or restructuring and modernize an old one, following up with training and with expert professional advice.

Concluding, the media consultant must be a reliable partner of the client. His position as an independent expert enables him to seek the best solutions to the given problems, from the technical side as well as from the economic, financial and social points of view; in this way he relieves promoters of special and incidental tasks requiring high skill and experience in these various fields.

The media consultant must also consider in his work the social factor and never forget that in every project the man is the real protagonist. He has to have absolute independence and assure the customer that the proposed solutions are determined only by its real need. He has to have also greatest flexibility means a streamlined stable staff of professionals, and the possibility of build-up working groups of highly qualified specialists for carrying-out specific tasks or projects. In his professional capacity, he inspects and supervises safeguarding only his client’s interest during the period of his consultancy.


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